Rio Rosa Mosqueta - Rose Hip Oil From Chile - For Scars And Wrinkles
Rio Rosa Mosqueta May Help:
  • Minor Scars
  • Crows Feet
  • Stretch Marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Thread Veins
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Burns

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Experience the Healing Power of Rio Rosa Mosqueta

Rosa Mosqueta Oil (Also known as Rose Hip Oil) is a pure, unscented oil from a wild rose of the Andes, traditionally known for its potential abilities to maintain skin texture, attenuate scars, and help in the prevention of premature skin ageing.

Rosa Mosqueta Oil is a special Rose Hip oil from Chile, and is particularly rich in essential fatty acids (EFA), which are known to be necessary constituents of cell membranes, in the synthesis of the hormone prostaglandin, and in skin welfare.

For healing scars people report seeing benefits after just 6 to 8 weeks of initail use!

The Answer is Rio Rosa Mosqueta Oil!

Rosa Mosqueta oil is a great natural product that may help to reduce scars so often left behind after spots and blemishes have long gone!

Over the years, rosehip oil has been shown to have properties that may retard the signs of premature ageing and provide excellent results in the treatment of burns, scars and unsightly spots on skin. If applied consistently, twice a day every day, for about two to three months, it may help to:

•  Reduce wrinkles and signs of premature ageing. Also counteracting the drying effects of the sun, which are usually first noticed in fine wrinkles or "crows feet" around the eyes and mouth.

•  Attenuate scars (surgical and accidental) and improves their colour (i.e., reduces the redness or hyperpigmentation).  It also may help to avoid the formation of the keloid type of scar (lump), which may appear after surgical procedures and help to make scars left by acne or chickenpox les apparent.

•  Provide excellent potential results in the treatment of skin that has been burnt or exposed to radiotherapy, as part of an overall treatment regime.

•  Contribute towards the prevention of photo-aging and immediately relieve dry skin and eczema.

More Uses For Rio Rosa Mosqueta Oil May Include:

  • Dry & damaged ski, & eczema
  • Age & other brown spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun and light damaged skin
  • Acne & surgical scarring
  • Skin burns
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Rosa Mosqueta Oil - A Medical Scientific Discovery
Rosa Mosqueta Oil - A Medical Scientific Discovery

The unique properties of rosa mosqueta seed oil (RMSO) were discovered through a planned research project. A team of researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Cencepcion, the most prestigious private university in Chile, completed a study in 1983 in order to evaluate the positive action of the oil in the skin regeneration process.

This two-year study focused on the cicatrizing action of RMSO. During this time, an oil preparation was applied to 180 patients with surgical, traumatic and post-burning scars: as well as to a group suffering from premature aging. The results were remarkable. It was found the RMSO produced an effective regenerative action on the skin. Continuous application of RMSO effectively helped in attenuating scars and wrinkles, in preventing advancement of premature aging, and in regaining lost skin natural colour and tone.

Since then, numerous studies on RMSO have been completed at various universities in Chile and in other countries. Although the emphasis of these studies was on the clinical and therapeutic use of RMSO, the findings from the University of Concepcion opened the door for the use of RMSO in the cosmetic industry.

Today RMSO is used world-wide in the medical and cosmetic fields. It is also used as a special active ingredient by many prestigious cosmetic companies in Europe, N. America and Latin America.

The Components Responsible for the Effectiveness of Rosa Mosqueta Seed Oil

The positive action RMSO in helping to regenerate damaged skin tissues was originally attributed to its high content of essential fatty acids, namely oleic (15-20%), linoleic (44-50%) and linolenic (30-35%). Although these acids are important to maintain a healthy skin (when taken internally), their presence in RMSO did not establish enough scientific evidence to explain the properties of RMSO in reducing surgical and accidental dermal scars or to eliminate certain hyper-pigmented spots and lessen wrinkles.

Retinoic Acid and Rosa Mosqueta Seed Oil

In 1988 two researchers, Dr. Berta Pareja from the Faculty of Pharmacology and Biochemistry at U.N.M.S.M. in Lima, Peru, and Dr. Horst Kehl, from the School of Pharmacology at the University of Missouri, successfully identified the presence of Retinoic acid as the component responsible for the remarkable pharmacological properties of RMSO. Retinoic acid is a derivative of Retinol (Vitamin A) and is marked as Tretinoin.

The therapeutic effects of the topical application of Tretinoin, in the treatment of a variety of dermatologic disorders, have been well-researched and recognized for almost 30 years. The most significant results have been produced in the treatment of photo-aged skin - skin damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight. Tretinoin can produce quick and positive changes in the skin, but because it is a very strong substance, it must be applied under medical supervision.

Rosa Mosqueta Seed Oil produces all the benefits of Tretinoin, but without secondary side effects, because the Retinoic Acid contained in RMSO is in a natural state as part of a complex system of unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, its action is controlled and slowly released by nature, eliminating the risk of overdoses.

The findings of Dr. Pareja and Dr. Kehl will help to legitimatize RMSO in the market, facilitating the promotion of this wonderful product.

As a Skin Rehydrator

The most effective way to benefit from RMSO is by using it as a skin rehydrator. As we age, oil glands diminish in size. People produce 10 times more oil at age 25 than at age 50. This condition is aggravated by climactic and environmental conditions such as dryness and air toxicity. Due to a lack of oil and depleted moisture, the skin starts to deteriorate. RMSO, with its high absorbing level, penetrates the skin almost instantly to restore this needed moisture balance.

As a Preventative Therapy

Most researchers agree that the best way to use RMSO is as a preventative therapy to retard the appearance of skin-aging signs. They recommend starting this treatment at age 20, especially for persons who burn easily or are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. One application a day will suffice.

It is important to know that histological changes (the ones that can not be observable) precede clinical manifestation (the ones that can be observed) by at least a decade - this is why prevention is of paramount importance.

To Fight the Effects of Photo-Aging

This condition represents the best opportunity for RMSO. Aging, when related to skin, can be divided into two processes: intrinsic and photo-aging. Intrinsic refers to endogenous and genetic factors which are almost impossible to halt or to reverse. Photo-aging refers to the multiple adverse effects on all parts of the skin induced by excessive exposure to sun radiation. This condition is also called Dermotoheliosis and can be reversible. Light skinned persons who tan poorly are at the greatest risk for photo-damage. The signs of photo-aging may appear as early as the third of fourth decade of life in persons with repeated sun exposure.

Photo-aging is characterized by wrinkled, yellowed, lax, rough, leathery, inelastic, and/or coarse skin with spotted hyper or hypopigmentation.

RMSO is very effective in halting and even reversing the effects produced by the sun radiation on the skin. Significant changes should be noticed after the third week of continuous application. In extreme cases of photo-aging, a more generous application should be used at night and during the day. It may take four months or more for the total disappearance of superficial wrinkles and significant dissipation of hyper-pigmented spots.

To Dissipate Surgical and Traumatic Dermal Scars

When used on surgical scars, an oil with a high concentration should be applied after the stitches have been removed and the wound is totally healed. After washing the area, apply the oil on dry skin with a soft massage. The effects should be noticeable after three to four months; skin should recover its elasticity and the colour of the skin should improve significantly.

With old, traumatic dermal scars, it will take longer to see any effects and, again, it will depend on the age of the scar, its location and the age of the person. Two or more generous daily applications of oil are recommended, depending on the location of the scars and the age of the subject.

Rosa Mosqueta oil applied to surgical scars

Ten women aged between 45 and 68, who had suffered unilateral or bilateral mastectomy applied rosa mosqueta oil after the surgical stitches were removed. After washing the area with tepid water and soap and careful drying, the oil was applied by soft massage. After three months of applying the oil twice daily (morning and evening) the scars were less apparent, without lumps, and skin elasticity had improved, as had the colour of the area.  

Observations were carried out for four months after the operations and the doctors indicated that the skin conditions were improving considerably, allowing implantation of prosthesis or plastic surgery in far better conditions that with patients who had not been treated. 

Doctors at the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Seville have used Rosa Mosqueta, in conjunction with other therapies, to treat post-operative scarring, both from surgery and laser treatment. Over a period of around six months' use, the results have been excellent in over 90% of the cases. With acne scars the results are equally encouraging, even where scarring is over 20 years old. (Do not use oil if acne is still active.) 

Skin burns

In a study of 90 patients who had suffered burns, a four-month treatment of Rosa Mosqueta oil resulted in 97% improvement in relation to their initial state. J. F. Oliver, Fats & Oils Journal No. 25 Dec 1996

Dr Leonardo Rusowsky, surgeon at Enrique Deformes Hospital in Santiago, Chile, and acting president of the Corporation for Aid to Children with Burns is currently researching the healing properties of Rosa Mosqueta oil and has stated that it improves the texture and quality of skin by increasing its elasticity, and flattens out scarring and improves the colour of scars and surrounding skin. 


Dr Hans Harbst, Head of Radiology for the Chilean Air Force and Oncologist at Indisa Clinic in Santiago, said:

"As a radiotherapist, I have worked with several patients that have been operated and, therefore, have scars. Also, the radiation to which they are exposed may produce secondary effects on the skin such as inflammations, darkening and dermatitis. These effects are, in most cases, unavoidable because in the same way that a surgeon leaves a scar when he or she operates, a radiotherapist leaves a mark on the radiated areas, which are not injuries as such but skin reactions. "

He continued, "This means a problem for the patient, especially when he or she are left with marks in areas exposed to view like the face, head or neck. I have applied Rosehip Oil (Rosa Mosqueta) on all types of skin. Rosehip Oil acts on scars reducing hyper-pigmentation, flattening hypertrophia (bulky scars) and loosening up fibrous chords. All these effects end up in a nearly complete attenuation of scars."

To date, Rosa Mosqueta oil has helped in the recovery of thousands of burn victims and is currently being used by several teams of plastic surgeons in the treatment of scars.

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