Sprouted Wheat Bread in Original Plain


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Try this tasty alternative to carbohydates - made with sprouted wheat bread, is a nutritious way to get nutrients and enzymes into your diet without sacrificing on flavour.

  • Dairy Free, Egg Free
  • Less than 0.005% Cholesterol
  • Lactose Free
  • Organic, Vegan
  • Yeast Free

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"This wheat bread is specially for those who are looking for a low fat, energy product and ideal for an increasing number of people with special dietary needs, as it contains no ingredients other than organic wheat and filtered water.

The unique moist richness and natural sweetness of this loaf is achieved by the sprouting process - making it more digestible and increasing its nutritional value. This is ideal for people who are following the 10 Step Health Plans and need to avoid starchy carbohydrate. Most of the starch is used up in the growing process as the wheat grains are sprouted.

The high nutritional content of the sprouted grain bread is achieved through the special process by which it is made. Firstly, we soak only the best Organic wheat kernels in pure filtered water, under tightly controlled conditions. These are then allowed to naturally sprout. Once fully germinated, the sprouts are ground, blended with organic dried fruit, where appropriate, formed into loaf shapes and baked slowly and gently at low temperatures. Sprouting of the grain significantly increases the protein, vitamin and enzyme content of the breads, whilst complex starches in the grain are converted to natural sugars, providing the body with an easily digested, rich energy source. The resulting bread is highly nutritious, traditional, filling, as well as full of flavour.

Eat Right For Your Type: Research in the USA by Dr D¹Adamo has shown that to maintain perfect health, we should eat according to our Blood Type, because the different lectins in food react differently in our bodies, that is, your blood type determines which foods are right for you. This research has also shown that though wheat is not suitable for all blood types, Sprouted Wheat on the other hand is suitable for ALL Blood Types. "