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Health Book - Helping Candida, By The Book


Candida is a group of organisms (yeast) found naturally on the skin and in the mucous membranes, intestines, and vagina. When kept to minimal amounts, there is no reason for concern. It is when there is a yeast overgrowth that the problems begin. As an opportunistic yeast, Candida infiltrates when defences are down, i.e., when immunity is low, when good intestinal bacteria are scarce, or when the gut is inflamed and leaky. Inside the ‘Helping Candida’ health book, you will find lifestyle advice and a rehabilitation plan that can show you how find relief from candida symptoms and to naturally heal the body. • Find out how to clear infections and discomfort • Strengthen the immune system • Follow appropriate diet and supplement recommendations • Achieve Long-Term Good Health


Find relief from Candida in ‘Helping Candida, By The Book’, a health guide designed to improve your Candida symptoms. By following the Non-Inflammatory Lifestyle Program and choosing a naturally healthy lifestyle as recommended inside this book, it is possible to achieve the ultimate goal - long term good health.

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