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Nascent Iodine & Selenium Value Pack (Free Selenium Bottle) Pack Offers

Nascent Iodine & Selenium Value Pack (Free Selenium Bottle)

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Both Nascent Iodine and Ionic Selenium are vital to support critical bodily functions and are best taken together – this great value pack is perfect by including a free bottle of Selenium to when you buy them together. (Free Selenium bottle included in price).

  • Nascent Iodine is the Trace Element Essential for Life

    Getting enough absorbable iodine each day can contribute to normal cognitive function, normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal nervous system function, the maintenance of normal skin, and normal thyroid hormone production and thyroid function.

    Nascent iodine in its atomic form -- consumable and paramagnetic -- is highly preferable to its molecular form. This is the form of iodine that is well-recognised by the thyroid and easily used.

  • Nascent Iodine is Vital to Support Fertility, Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

    Even a minor iodine deficiency can affect ovulation, possibly causing infertility. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy fares far worse: It can cause complications like high blood pressure in an expecting mother and increase the risk of stunted mental development in a baby.

    The World Health Authority recommends all women of childbearing age supplements iodine as it is critical in the first few weeks of pregnancy as well as when breast feeding.

  • Nascent Iodine Works Best Taken With Ionic Selenium

    For maximum benefit, Ionic Selenium is best taken with Nascent Iodine. Selenium acts as a co-factor to help the body to utilize the Iodine. Plus, Selenium is a vital mineral for the thyroid, and is just as important as iodine, so you want to ensure a good balance of the two.

  • Ionic Selenium Supports Absorption & Natural Systematic Processes

    Our unique Ionic Selenium is a form known to be most beneficial and recognized by the body for total absorption and direct action in a safe and flexible liquid state.

    Selenium is considered important in the support of many natural systemic processes, including normal cardiovascular health, thyroid and immune system function, as well as help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and normal cellular health.

    Some people have used Selenium to support glandular, joint, autoimmune health, and more, and it has been investigated for its potential uses in trauma situations, and chemotherapy side effect reduction, as part of a healthy approach.

Complete Pack contents:

  • 1x Nascent Iodine (30ml)
  • 2x Ionic Selenium (59 ml)
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