EquiHealth™ Kit HealthPoint™

EquiHealth™ Kit

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HealthPoint™ enables anyone to become a 'Master Of Acupressure' and to help their horses with any condition that responds to a master acupuncturist. At the touch of the button it can help bring relief and healing. HealthPoint has absolutely no side effects and has had successful use on many horses.

  • HealthPoint™ Device
  • EquiHealth™ Manual
  • Gold Probe
  • Horse Application Lead
  • Carry Pouch

Acupuncture without needles for your Equine needs

This complete kit enables you to safely & effectively, treat your horses through the acupressure system. EquiHealth™ is effective on a wide range of ailments. It enables you to quickly become expert at locating and treating the acupuncture point (without needles) and therefore can be used safely by anyone - with or without veterinary training.
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