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The Pain Genie Y Cosmetology Probe


The Pain Genie Scenar is a non-invasive, safe method of regulating homeostasis (body function), stimulating the Central Nervous System. The device re-educates and encourages the body to powerfully use its own internal pharmacy of bioactive substances, especially neuro-peptides.

  • Cosmetology Probe For Use With Pain Genie
  • Pain Genie Aims To Support Many Areas Of Pain Relief
  • Backed CE Certification
  • Approved For Pain Relief In Europe


Advanced pain relief device that represents a breakthrough in accelerating the body's natural self healing abilities

The Pain Genie Scenar - The complete pain relief package that gives you control of your health and a comprehensive programme of support that goes beyond pain relief. The Pain Genie Scenar (RRP £640) is supplied with the instructional DVD and user manual which provides enough guidance and information to achieve significant or total pain relief. Each device comes with a 2 year warranty including our Pain Genie Guarantee.

As part of our special offer and for those who only need Pain Genie for a single condition such Morton's Neuroma or Peyronies (which would normally be clear in a week or so), we are including our '30 days Terms of Use'. After 30 days we will provide a full refund less £100 usage charge if you want to return it.

The Pain Genie has CE certification and approval for pain relief in Europe, but as you can see from the various testimonials, using a Pain Genie Scenar can have a more dramatic effect. As part of our support programme you will receive regular updates showing how you can achieve more than just pain relief from the Pain Genie Scenar.
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