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CANNA30 CBD oil 30%

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  • Safe, Legal, and Scientifically-Backed
  • Premium Gold CO2 Hemp Extract
  • Produced in Poland with Highest Quality Guarantee
  • Reliable, Guaranteed Levels of CBD
  • Extra Benefits from Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids, Flavonoids, and Terpenoids

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Largest CBD survey says nearly half of users stop taking medication

For all the health benefits without the addictive properties, users with aches, pains, discomfort, mental health issues, and serious illnesses are turning to scientifically-supported CBD. CBD, containing cannabidiol extracted from cannabis, has such untapped potential that major pharmaceutical companies are currently developing prescription medications containing the chemical compound. The largest CBD survey to date also noted that 80 percent of users found CBD to be “very or extremely effective,” and 42 percent quit using pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medicines.

Some of the most popular reasons to supplement CBD include:

  • Ease pain naturally, with great potential to decrease neuropathic pain and inflammation.

  • Improve insomnia and increase amount of sleep.

  • Manage mental health for mild to complex conditions, including schizophrenia.

  • Manage or relieve symptoms of depression.

  • Protect against and prevent cancer, especially at a higher dosage.

  • Support addiction recovery by reducing stress, anxiety, and impulsivity and decreasing drug triggers.

  • Treat eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory skin conditions to minimise or eliminate itching.

It's a good time to become a user of CBD. Not only is the chemical compound more affordable than many pharmaceutical medications used for the same purpose, but it has an increasing number of research-backed benefits supporting its safe, daily use.

Go for the gold: 7 ways to raise the bar for daily CBD

With so many new CBD products entering the market, it's important to be discerning. Produced in Poland, HemPoland and Canna30 CBD Oil come with the highest quality guarantee, plus a guaranteed CBD and naturally occurring cannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpenoid level with each product.

In addition to these stringent manufacturing standards, Canna30 CBD Oil has at least seven advantages:

  1. Safe and legal hemp plant processing. Produced using solvent-free extraction of the whole Cannabis sativa L.

  2. Gold-level CBD extract quality. Formulated by HemPoland, one of the few global companies capable of producing gold-level CBD extracts free from distillation, solvents, and synthetic or crystalline enrichment.

  3. Innovative extraction of ingredients. Made with ingredients extracted using advanced equipment designed solely for CO2 cannabis processing.

  4. Minimum cannabidiol (CBD) concentration guaranteed. Contains confirmed levels of hemp's main cannabinoid in its most potent form, CBD, versus its acidic form, CBDA, in 30 percent concentration; contains a balance of neutral cannabinoids, CBD, and acidic cannabinoids, CBDA, in 10 percent concentration.

  5. Meticulously checked for quality. Analysed in detail at each stage of processing to ensure every product batch is 100 percent safe with guaranteed levels of CBD; externally tested for microbiological purity and confirmed free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

  6. Modern glass polymer packaging. Ensures product stability and a precise, therapeutic dosage.

  7. Convenient liquid supplement with mild flavour. Free from artificial flavouring and without an unpleasant aftertaste as the extract is derived from naturally-cultivated, environmentally-friendly hemp plants grown without pesticides.

Two different strengths are available for personal use:

  • Canna30 CBD Oil: 30 percent guaranteed CBD. 10.6 mg of CBD per drop; about 400 drops per product.

To receive all these health benefits and more, what matters most is the amount of CBD extracted. Canna10 and Canna30 CBD Oil set the gold standard by providing a safe, reliable, therapeutic, andguaranteed percentage of CBD in each drop dosed.


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