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SerraPet 250,000iu 30 Tablets (Pouch)

  • Now available in an eco-friendly refill pouch

  • Proteolytic enzyme

  • Contains 250,000IU Serrapeptase per serving

  • 30 Tablets per pouch

  • Phthalate-free 

  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

  • No unnecessary fillers or binders


Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring proteolytic enzyme that was originally derived from the intestine of the silkworm, now specially manufactured in a laboratory for both vegetarian and vegan suitability.

Full tablets are recommended for larger dogs or horses.

For small animals cut/break the tablet in half. Add to water and administer with a pipette or add to a little non-protein food such as a doggy choc.

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