ElectroFlex Circulation Maxx

ElectroFlex Circulation Maxx

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If you are experiencing problems with your ankles, feet, or lower legs, this worldwide best-selling Electroflex Circulation Maxx circulation massager may help to reduce swelling, improve blood circulation in the lower legs and relieve aches and pains with a TENS-like application through the use of InfraRed heat therapy.

  • Easy To Use & Non-Invasive
  • 99 Variable Intensity Levels
  • With InFraRed Heat Therapy
  • May Help Aching Legs - Poor Circulation - Stress & Tension

Now With InfraRed Heat Therapy

Electroflex Circulation Maxx aims to help you to maintain normal circulation levels by stimulating the nerve endings with electrical impulses. This impulse simulates natural signals sent from nerves in the muscles to the brain and is very gentle and painless. The electrical impulse causes the muscle to contract and release, which aims to stimulate blood flow.

With repeated use of Electroflex Circulation Maxx, the muscle becomes ‘retrained’ to function properly again. This technology of neuromuscular electrical stimulation is called T.E.N.S. and is widely used in rehabilitation, as well as physical therapy. The Electroflex is a registered Class 2a medical device compliant with European Medical Devices Directive 93/42 EEC. The veins and capillaries in the legs must work very hard against gravity to pump the blood from the feet back up around the body. To help, the legs contain a series of very important pumps and one-way valves.

With age or illness, these can weaken and become less effective, reducing circulation and causing a number of health problems. The Electroflex Circulation Maxx works to help increase blood flow and circulation in the feet and lower limbs. Improved blood flow increases oxygenation and nutrition retention to your cells.
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