Happy Tummy™ Feed Supplement
Happy Tummy™ Feed Supplement
Happy Tummy™ Feed Supplement
Happy Tummy™ Feed Supplement
Happy Tummy™ Feed Supplement
Happy Tummy™ Feed Supplement

Happy Tummy™ Feed Supplement

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  • Sustainably Sourced Pure Hardwood Charcoal for Animals

    Happy Tummy® charcoal is naturally ‘active’, absorbent, and ground to a size suitable for equines and other animals.

  • Aids Digestive Health and Overall Wellness

    HappyTummy® charcoal feed supplement can support digestive health and your animal’s overall health, condition, behaviour and performance.

  • Supports Toxin Elimination

    Absorbs acidic toxins from the horse’s (or animal’s) system and passes them out in the droppings, rebalancing their system's pH and benefitting immune health.

  • Aids in a Reduction Of Gas And Bloating

    Charcoal appears to absorb unpleasant odours and gas from within the intestinal tract.

  • Suitable For Horses, Dogs, Cats, Pigs and all other Animals

    Naturally ‘active’ charcoal is registered as a feed additive by the EU and is suitable for horses competing under BHRA and FEI rules.

Happy Tummy® Feed Supplement contains naturally active charcoal and is a safe and effective way to support your animal's digestive health and overall well-being.

Happy Tummy® is made from pure hardwood charcoal harvested from a sustainable source. It is processed using a scientific method to increase its bioavailability. It is then ground to a size whereby its surface area is optimised for equines and other animals.

Composed almost entirely of pure carbon, Happy Tummy® charcoal is chemically inert and doesn’t catalyse or take part in any chemical reactions. Its value lies in its unique ability to absorb toxins. Removing acidic toxins balances the animal's pH, and a more alkaline system helps oxygen absorption and better immune health. The result is an overall improvement of your animals' general health, condition, behaviour and performance.

Happy Tummy® Charcoal does not take out vitamins and minerals from your animal's system. References which allude to this concern are from the regular use of 'activated' charcoal, which has super absorbent properties. Naturally ‘active’ charcoal helps re-balance the system and can facilitate the uptake of nutrients.

Due to its trace mineral content, additional benefits can be obtained from using Happy Tummy animal feed to support your animal's optimal health.

Happy Tummy® is approved for horses competing under BHRA & FEI rules.

NOTE: This type of charcoal is an approved feed material, whereas activated or medicinal/industrial charcoal is not an approved feed material.

Fine Fettle

Directions: For horses, depending on size: 1-8 scoops daily. Dogs and cats: depending on size 3-4 scoops daily. Can also be used for cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.

Ingredients Amount
Per Serving
Natural hardwood charcoal 500 mg

♦ Daily Value not established

No additives or binders

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